So you have decided to sell your home. Have you thought about when? Have you thought about what needs to be done before it hits the market? Statistically  speaking, March is the best time to list your home. However, any home priced correctly will sell no matter what time of the year it’s listed.

Now that we know March is the ideal time to list your home, you can probably assume why. March brings more buyers, and therefore, you can also assume that it’s prime time for the “seller’s market”. When selling in a “sellers market”  demand is high, and there are more buyers then the market can keep up with. Sure, there are homes listed during this time that just can’t seem to sell, but take a look at them and you will find out why. Simply put, a majority of the time, they are priced too high. A well priced house will sell very quickly in any market. What you, a prospective buyer, and what your agent feel is “well priced” may be different things. Many times, people tend to hold a higher value for their own personal property, rather comparing it to what other homes are selling for in the area and how they compare. So make sure you take the comparable listings and what they actually sell for into consideration before listing your home for sale.

So, you wanna sell your house and of course you want the most money you can get for it, right? Well doing some basic and cosmetic fixes can drive up your numbers and if you’re lucky, even cause a bidding war between buyers.

So, lets roll up the sleeves and get down to work. Step one: make a list of any small things that need to be addressed. For example, that door knob that has been loose for 6 months, or maybe you have a drip in the faucet you never got around to fixing. When I purchased my home, the bathtub had a small leak that we caught during the inspection, which turned into the sellers having to replace the tub and tile around it. Most often, things like this will get caught in the home inspection if you turn a blind eye to it, and to get the price you want, the seller wants to feel like they are getting what they are paying for. Don’t let something small leave you short of the mark of your target selling price, because 9 times out of 10, you are going to have to fix it anyways, and what do you think looks better? A seller that meticulously maintained their home, or a homeowner who never cared enough to fix the little things?

After you have went taken care of the things that need fixing, now is the time to de-clutter the house. Get a storage unit if you have to. A cluttered house does not show well, and makes the space look smaller than it is. I personally have walked in to a house and had a client tell me after 3 steps, “nope”, all due to the disorder in the home during the time I was a realtor.

So, we have made the minor fix list, we have de-cluttered the house, next up, you may want to do some painting. I suggest changing all colors to neutral colors that will have the prospective buyers seeing the home as “move in ready”. That purple accent wall you thought would really set off the furniture, may leave prospective buyers feeling turned off to the space and set the tone for the rest of the showing. While some people will paint the house no matter what, not not all buyers want to buy a house and have to paint as soon as they move in. If you’re like me, and hate to paint, hire it out. It will be worth it when it comes to that final offer.

Next up, have the home deep cleaned, if you haven’t planned to do it yourself. I recommend hiring a professional for this job as it is very taxing to complete and you probably have enough on your plate to do already.

After a deep cleaning it is a good time to call in the carpet/floor cleaner and have the carpet, tile, and grout refreshed. It will leave the floors looking brand new, take out any stains and smells, and in turn bring in the profits. If you have never had this done you will be amazed when they are finished, and will likely continue this service in your next home.

Next is when you call in the professional window cleaners to take care of the things everyone tends forget to do. The windows and screens that are full of dirt and cat hair, the window sills that are full of dirt and spiders, all of these things while may seem minor, add to the aesthetic of your home, and in turn drives up prices. When the windows have been cleaned professionally, it will allow more natural light in and brighten up the home. The windows will move smoother on the tracks, and will look in better condition than if they are dirty. Buyers tend to open windows and move them around testing them. Since windows are a very expensive home improvement, the last thing you want is a potential buyer to think they may need to replace the windows in the near future. Clean windows show you paid attention to detail and maintained and took pride in your home.

Now, its time to call your Realtor and have them come over on the next sunny day and take lots of pictures! The more pictures the better! When looking online, buyers love to get a preview of what they will be seeing, and may even make or break a potential buyer from taking a look.

Hopefully, this helps you and if you are preparing to sell your home Best choice Window Cleaning would happy to help! We specialize in getting homes into listing shape, and work closely with the sellers to make sure we are doing it at the right time. Whether it be before the picture, or before that open house, we will be there to get your home into tip-top shape! We can also help with every aspect from deep cleaning to carpet cleaning, as well as cleaning tile & grout. Let us help ensure the buyers see the real value of your home.

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