When looking for a home service company or any contractor, I would take the extra steps to make sure who you hire is a licensed, insured, and most importantly, a registered business. While most advertise to be licensed & insured, many times they are not, and due to the customers trust in the business they are booking through, will never be questioned until it is too late. By asking for proof prior to service, you can determine whether the company is trustworthy and alleviate any future potential risks. For example, if the contractor falls off your roof and injures themselves, or breaks a window, if the company is not insured, you will become liable for the injuries obtained on your property, and the damages they cause. Situations like these should not be your responsibility, but failing to request the contractor or business to provide proof they are insured, make them become so. Therefore, I suggest next time you have a quote, make sure you ask the right questions and are provided proof of their answers so you are not liable for their mistakes. A quick tip to to seeking out legitimate businesses: GOOGLE { LARA Search for a business entity } and type their name LARA’S search bar. Every registered business in the state of MICHIGAN will appear. If the business they are representing does not appear, it is likely they are not insured, not legitimate, and should raise concern as to whether this company can be trusted.

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